What differs from the others

▶ Sharp and Right Test Image Quality

We compared the pictures to be tested by our CMOS camera image sensor’s dermatoscope or trichoscope system and the other company’s CMOS camera image sensor’s ones as below.

▶ Convenience

Our technical lens series make most kinds of diseases can be inspected & understood without exchanging to the other higher & higher magnification lenses.

Reasonable magnification of technical lens series can make a user find out more accurate focusing & sharp/clear image more easily.

▶ Functions & Design for Customer Convenience

① Simple and Solid Design

② The streamlined body‘s comfortable & intelligent design

③ Built-in the sterilizers for patients’ hygiene

▶ Reasonable Budget

In the same product category, the video-microscopes can be optionally usable with the lenses or programs and help a user make a whole set of system for the demand within budget or target market. For this,

Inexpensive systems with simple functions for novice users or simple markets can be upgraded by gradually adding items for quality improvement or function addition according to the growth of business or market expansion direction.

OEM or ODM is welcome for customization.

▶ After Service

① 2 years warranty or 1-year warranty except for accessories

② Our CS(Customer Service) & distributors for customers’ stable use

③ CS listens to all requirements & comments of customers

④ CS does try all endeavours to fix within 2 or 3 business days except for the duration for checkup &final ex-factory test.

※ Please consider additional delivery times between countries.

We are doing our best to continue research along with concerns for products and services for the next generation.


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