Computational Device System

When consulting with clients or patients, we recommend a system that is configured with a computer for more accurate and professional consultation. Of course, there is also an imaging microscope camera model that can be used with an Android tablet pad or smartphone for your convenience.
Users can configure a complete set of systems according to their needs by selecting each suitable item

Please select the product in the following order

STEP 1. Select the model of a video microscope camera

A right understanding and checkup of the condition of the skin or scalp/ hair are essential to suggest a suitable skin or scalp care product or prescription for the customer. Therefore, we focus on the quality of imaging microscope cameras to produce more precise pictures of the skin, scalp, pores, hair-root and hair shaft.

In order to enable customers to select an appropriate image inspection solution for each target business or market, we introduce the different models of video-microscope cameras that are equipped with a CCD image sensor that realizes precise images or a CMOS image sensor that implements clear images at a reasonable price.

The model name “TS” and “TS-2” are adopted with CCD image sensors and the model name “USB-TS” and “USB-TS-C” are adopted with CMOS image sensors. The tested pictures above show the clear difference between CCD and CMOS image sensors. A CCD image sensor makes a highly precise picture quality but requires a converter(video capture device) to change from it’s analog image signal to a digital image signal to work on a computer. Whereas a CMOS image sensor makes less precise picture quality, but can be worked on a computer as well as an android device like a pad or smartphone.

You can understand the model name as the different type of cable’s connector as below.

If you’re looking for a professional dermascope or trichoscope/ capiloscope for more professional dermoscopy or trichoscopy, we’re pleased to recommend the model “TS” or “TS-2” to make a whole set of system with Hair-polarizer model “HP” or pedestal model “S-H2” and lenses.

If you’re looking for an affordable but good dermoscope or trichoscope/ capiloscope, we’re pleased to suggest the video-microscope camera model “USB-TS” or “USB-TS-C” to provide an understandable and decent image solution. These are compared with another brands of skin or scalp diagnosis systems that are selling in the market, but it’s quality is higher for different picture quality and more stable use.

STEP 2. Select a lens

If you want to test skin/scalp or hair density on the scalp, the required magnification is x 60. For this particular measurement, we have two lens models: “TN” and “TB.” These two lenses measure through the three layers of skin for accurate analysis. “TN” tests the exterior surface of skin or scalp, stratum basal of the epidermis and stratum corneum. “TB” tests the outer surface of skin or scalp, stratum basal of the epidermis and the sebum production process.

If you want to test pores and hair thickness, the required magnification is x 150. For this particular measurement, we have two lens models: “150T” and “KPLHT.” “150T” has a single function to measure pores and hair thickness. And the other model, “KPLHT”, tests pores, hair thickness, and the nutrition condition of hair roots and shafts using our video-microscope camera model “TS” and scope stand called “Hair Polarizer”.

In addition, we offer other lens models with a variety of magnification: 1X to capture face image and hair-loss pattern, 15X to capture wrinkles, 15PL to capture wrinkles, malignant nevus and melanoma, and lastly 700T to measure hair cuticles.

STEP 3. Select a video-microscope camera stand

Our video-microscope camera’s stands have a simple but solid design, and its streamlined body helps comfortable use. You may select the model of a scope stand in alliance with your choice of video microscope camera based on required functions.

For example, to make a professional scalp diagnosis system for understanding hair loss, select the hair polarizer model “HP” together with the video-microscope camera model “TS” and the lens “KPLHT”.

The video microscope camera model “TS-2” can attach to our scope stand model “S-S2” to build a dermoscopy system or the other model “S-H2” for a trichoscopy system.

For the video microscope camera model “USB-TS” or “USB-TS-C”, there are the entry-level pedestal model “S” to make skin or scalp/hair diagnosis system. and there is “S-S1A” or “S-H1A” with the sterilization function and “S-S1”or “S-H1” without the sterilization function. The video-micrsocpe camera’s stand model “S-S1″and “S-S1A” are for skin diagnosis systems and the other model “S-H1” and “S-H1A” are for scalp & hair diagnosis systems.

STEP 4. Select a program

All our programs have been developed by KC idea or creation. We firstly developed programs to analyze skin and scalp issues in 2000 in the world and have constantly developed more functional programs. All of our programs have been well-managed thoroughly and regularly upgraded to be used on any computational operating system.

Choose one of the programs based on the operating system of your digital device and the functional needs of the program. (Windows 10 / Android 7, 8, 9)

If you want a simple consultation while saving member information and comparing the stored customer inspection photos, Program Model TMS

If you want a more detailed consultation while saving member information, comparing the stored customer inspection photos and analyzing each test items;

Hair-loos pattern, Scaly scalp, Sensitivity, Oil, Hair density & scalp condition,

Hair thickness & Pore, Hair length, Hair root, Hair shaft, Hair cuticle.

If you want a more detailed consultation while saving member information, comparing the stored customer inspection photos and analyzing each test items;

Moisture, Oil, Roughness(skin texture), Pore, Pigmentation, Wrinkle, Sebum

Mobile Application “L3” for android digital pads and smartphones

STEP 5. Select additional items for convenient analysis

After going through all these five steps, a whole system set will be ready for skin or scalp/hair analysis!

Here are the other optional items to make a whole set of system with the above items.

KC Scalp & Hair Polarizing System

AUTO Skin Diagnostic & Analysis System


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